Teaching Art:

-       I have been teaching Art in Hamrahlid College since 1996 http://www.mh.is/ and on the IB International line since 2000. http://mh.is/?d=7&m=forsida          

-       Between 2000-2008 I have been a part time teacher in several other Colleges in Art and cultural subjects. Fjölbrautaskólinn í Ármúla ( http://www.fa.is/ ),

Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, (http://www.fb.is/ ) and

Fjöltækniskóli Íslands (http://www.tskoli.is/ )

-       Between 1989-2000 I taught in primary colleges;

Austurbæjarskóli /Reykjavík (http://www.austurbaejarskoli.is/ ) and

Digranesskóli i Kópavogur (neighbouring town to Reykjavík ) (http://www.digranesskoli.is/ ).

-       From 1988-1996 I taught Art in children’s and teenagers courses and courses for grown ups 1999-2000 in Mimir (http://mimir.is/

-       1994 and 1999 I worked in Listakot /preschool with kids mainly in ceramic.

-       1998-1999 Art courses in Tjarnaskóli, Reykjavík (http://www.tjarnarskoli.is/ ).


Other things regarding Art and Art teaching:

-       1995-1996 I was a board member of the Icelandic art teacher union (FÍMK) http://www.ki.is/pages/2286

-       1996 I arranged (together with the FÍMK board) summer courses for Icelandic art teachers.

-       In 1994 I arranged (together with 6 other art teachers) a children’s Art in the campaign project “Íslands sækjum það heim” were 90% (around 140 thousands) of Icelandic children participated. It ended up being an opening event on the Art festival in Reykjavík were after few weeks time the exhibition was put up in 8 places in the country. http://www.listahatid.is/en/

-       In 1997 together with the same preparation group we arranged a course for Scandinavian art teacher (Nordisk Kursus) „Den vardede vej“. http://www.danmarksbilledkunstlaerere.dk/LS-Alice/NordiskSamarbejde/Nordisk%20Samarbejde/NKhistoversigt/nordisk%20kursus.htm

-       1995-1997 I participated in a Comenius project (European venture) with schools in Holland and Sweden and represented my school (Digranesskóli).

-       In 1990 I put up an exhibition – “Children’s art festival” , in the Ministry of education and then again two times in 1995. In all cases the exhibition was put up in all hallways and corridors of the Ministry. http://eng.menntamalaraduneyti.is/

-       In 1999 in connection with a art teaching conference, I put up an ART exhibition - work by College students, in the hallway of the Reykjavík City Theatre http://www.borgarleikhus.is/

-       I was in so called support group for making the national curriculum for Art teaching in primary schools and colleges that was published in 1996 and 1997. http://www.menntamalaraduneyti.is/leit?q=A%C3%B0aln%C3%A1mskr%C3%A1



-       1988-1989 I worked on the stage design workshop for TV 2 channel. http://stod2.visir.is/

-       Summer job 1986-1992 (with some brakes) an overseer in teenage gardening. http://vinnuskoli.is/

-       In periods together with school between 1976-1989 in the office of Námsflokkar Reykjavíkur http://www.reykjavik.is/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-3799/6316_view-2266/

-       1984-1886 Parallel with my study I worked on a little serigraphy workshop.

-       1977 and 1978 I had a summer job at the Art festival in Reykajvík. ( http://www.listahatid.is/en/